Work From Italy! New Digital Nomad Visa for Remote Workers (2024)

Work From Italy! New Digital Nomad Visa for Remote Workers (2024)

Calling all remote workers and travel enthusiasts! Italy has opened its doors to you with the news brand and new digital Nomad Visa. This is a good program that allows many people to live and work in Italy for years, soaking up the sunshine, delicious food, and rich culture while continuing their careers.

Here’s what you need to know to apply:

  • Are you eligible? This visa is for non-EU citizens who perform “highly qualified work activities” remotely using technology. This could include freelance work, remote employment, or collaboration projects.
  • Income requirements: In there you need to demonstrate an annual income of the least €84,000 (around USD 93,000). This ensures that can financially support yourself during your stay.
  • The “highly skilled” criteria: Specific details on this are still emerging, but it likely focuses on professions requiring specialized skills and experience.
  • Clean record? You’ll need a clean criminal background check for the past five years.
  • Health and home: Valid health insurance and proof of suitable accommodation for your entire stay are mandatory.
  • Nomad experience: Be prepared to show proof of at least six months of prior remote work experience.

Once approved, your visa will be valid for one year with the possibility of renewal. You may even be able to bring your family along, subject to Italian police approval.

Ready to embrace La Dolce Vita? Research the application process and required documents through the official Italian government channels.

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