U.S. Citizens with Saudi Family Ties: Exciting Job Opportunities Await in Jeddah (April 2024)

U.S. Citizens with Saudi Family Ties: Exciting Job Opportunities Await in Jeddah (April 2024)

Hey there, if you’re American and your family’s in Jeddah, there’s some cool job stuff waiting for you! Jeddah’s got lots of job stuff happening right now, and companies want people like you to work for them. So if you’re in Jeddah and looking for work, this is your chance!

Here is the good news

Even if you have a visa to visit family, you might find a good job in Jeddah. This article helps you to understand how to do that, answers common questions, and talks about popular job fields.

Jeddah has a Booming Economy that Creates Job Opportunities for U.S. Citizens

Jeddah is a nice city by the sea. Lots of business, tourism, and factories happen there. It’s growing fast, and that means more jobs. They need smart and experienced people for different kinds of work.

U.S. Citizens with Family Visit Visas: Can You Work in Jeddah?

When someone visits family in another country, they usually can’t work there. But sometimes, there are special cases. Here’s something cool: if you’re from the U.S. and your family member in Saudi Arabia is a legal resident or owns a business, you might have some possibilities to look into.


Your family members can help you stay here longer for work. They can support you to change your visit visa to a work visa. First, you need to find a job, then work with the head to follow the rules.

You can also work for yourself if you have skills. It is called freelancing. You do not need a boss, but you still need to follow the law and pay taxes.

How to Apply for Work with a Family Visit Visa in Jeddah.

The process of working on a family visit visa requires careful planning and collaboration with your family member and potential employer.

Here is a general roadmap:

  • Looking for a job in Jeddah: Look for jobs that fit what you are good at and what you have done before. You can search for these jobs online on websites like Bayt.com and LinkedIn. Or you can talk to people you know who might help you find a job.
  • Getting a Job Offer: If a company wants to hire you, talk to them about getting the right paperwork to live and work in Jeddah. They’ll probably help you with this.
  • Family Help: If the company doesn’t help with paperwork, see if your family can sponsor you. This means they’ll help you with the legal stuff you need to live and work in Jeddah. You might need to talk to a lawyer who knows about immigration laws.
  • Popular Jobs in Jeddah for Americans (April 2024 Update): Jeddah has lots of different kinds of jobs, but some are really needed right now.
  • English Teachers: Jeddah wants people who can teach English because they’re trying to improve their English education.
  • IT Experts: Jeddah’s tech industry is growing, so they need people who are good with computers, like programmers and cybersecurity experts.
  • Business Managers: Americans who understand business and different cultures can help Saudi companies connect with other countries.
  • Healthcare Workers: There is always a need for nurses, doctors, and other medical experts, especially if they have experience.


  • Do I work on the Family Visit Visa in Jeddah?
  • Yes, but some jobs may not be allowed. Ask an immigration lawyer to make sure your job is okay.
  • How long can I work in Jeddah with a different visa?
  • It depends on your visa type and job contract. Usually, it’s one to three years, and you can renew it later.

Embrace the Chance: Find Work and Explore Jeddah

Jeddah is a special place with old stories, cool stuff, and new things happening. If you use what you’re good at and your family connections, you can find a job that makes you happy while getting to know this awesome city better. Get ready for a good time in Jeddah Start looking for a job.

Just remember:

Do your homework, talk to the right people, and make sure you follow all the rules for visas and work.

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