Gear Up for a Rewarding Challenge: Ledwidge Lumber Seeks Wood Processing Labourers in 2024

Gear Up for a Rewarding Challenge: Ledwidge Lumber Seeks Wood Processing Labourers in 2024

Are you someone who likes to work hard? Do you want a job where you do many things of physical work? You will get paid well for it and work with other people who also like to work hard. Plus, you will feel good because you are helping an important industry. Look no further than Ledwidge Lumber! In 2024, Ledwidge Lumber is actively recruiting motivated and reliable Wood Processing Labourers to join their growing team across various international locations.

About Ledwidge Lumber

Ledwidge Lumber is a big company that sells wood. They are famous for taking care of forests and making good wood. Ledwidge Lumber helps make neighbourhoods and is important for building buildings that do not hurt the environment.

The Wood Processing Labourer Position

Join the team at Ledwidge Lumber as a Wood Processing Labourer! You will play a vital role in making lumber. This job is perfect for people who like busy workplaces and working with their hands. Your main tasks will be:

  • Running and looking after wood machines like saws and conveyors.
  • Moving heavy wood items (up to 30 lbs).
  • Sorting, piling, and arranging lumber for more work or delivery.
  • I am keeping the workspace clean and safe.
  • Follow the safety rules.
  • Come be a part of the team and help to create quality wood products!

Qualities and Requirements

  • If you want to do this job, you have some qualities and skills.
  • You should be prepared to put in effort and learn new things.
  • You should be in good shape and have a lot of energy.
  • You should be able to work alone or with others.
  • You should be good at using your hands and eyes to do tasks.
  • It would be helpful if you have worked in a job requiring lots of physical effort.
  • You should have a positive attitude and care about staying safe.

Benefits and Compensation

  • At Ledwidge Lumber, they give the workers good pay and perks. Here is what we offer:
  • Good pay for each hour you work.
  • Health insurance covers a lot.
  • Time off with pay for when you are sick or you need a break.
  • Chances to learn more and move up in your job.
  • A safe place to work where you feel secure.

How to Apply

Do you want to work at Ledwidge Lumber? Go to the website’s careers page, to find out about the job and apply. They are excited to hear from you!


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