Rai Produce Seeks Fruit Pickers for Dream Job on Canadian Fruit Farm (2024 Season)

Rai Produce Seeks Fruit Pickers for Dream Job on Canadian Fruit Farm (2024 Season)

Are you someone who loves being outside? Do you like beautiful views and tasty fruits? Rai Produce, a big fruit farm in Canada, needs people who are excited and ready to work hard for the 2024 season. This is a chance for you to see the countryside in Canada, help gather fruits in a good way, and learn important farming skills.

About Rai Produce

Rai Produce is a farm run by a family. They grow good fruits for people in Canada. They care about nature and use good farming methods. They also make sure their workers are happy. Working there is not just a job. It is a chance to be outside, learn from people who know many things about growing, and be on a team that gives fresh fruits to nearby neighborhoods.

What You’ll Do

As a fruit farm worker at Rai Produce, your job involves doing many different things during the growing season:

  • You will plant, trim, and take care of fruit trees and bushes.
  • You will pick fruits when they are ripe and taste the best.
  • You will organize, check the quality of, and pack fruits for sale.
  • You will make sure that farm tools and buildings are in good shape.
  • You will help create a happy and effective work atmosphere for everyone.

Why pick Rai Produce?

  • Beautiful Country Life: Work and live in stunning Canadian countryside. Breathe in the fresh air, see beautiful views, and enjoy peace.
  • Learn Important Farming Skills: Get learned by experienced farmers. Learn how to grow, pick, and pack fruits.
  • Help Our Food System: Support eco-friendly farming. Provide fresh, healthy food to local people.
  • Enjoy Your Job: Rai Produce cares about its workers. Feel appreciated and respected while you work.

How you apply

  • If you want to work at Rai Produce, here are important things you need to do:
  • Rai Produce wants people who like learning, do not mind working outside, and care about doing a good job.
  • To apply, send your resume and a letter explaining why you want to work at Rai Produce and what you are good at.
  • Make sure to mention why you are interested in Rai Produce and what skills you have.


  1. What is the work schedule like on the farm?

    The work schedule changes with the seasons and what the farm needs. But during the busiest time when crops are being picked a lot, you will work full days.

  2. Is there accommodation available?

    Rai Produce may be able to offer or assist with finding accommodation for seasonal workers. Please inquire about specific details during the application process.

  3. What type of people is Rai Produce looking for?

    Rai Produce wants people who are excited to learn and ready to work hard.

Hey there! Here is a good chance for you to fulfill your dream of working outdoors. You can apply now to be part of the Rai Produce team. You have some experience.


Do not miss this good chance to make your dreams a reality!

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