Dairy Farm Manager Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship

Dairy Farm Manager Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship

Hello Freinds! Welcome to pkalert.com. Are you someone who knows a lot about farming and really likes taking care of animals like cows and goats? There’s a really cool job available in the pretty countryside just an hour away from Berlin. A really important farm is looking for a Farm Manager who knows a lot about farming and can take charge of things. They have a really big farm with 6,000 hectares of land for growing crops and letting animals graze. This job will give you an amazing chance to work right in the middle of Germany’s farming area.

Jobs Description:

As the Farm Manager, you will be in charge of a big operation that includes care of cows for milk, and crops growing, after looking at the cows’ meat, taking care of pigs, and geese, and even running a business that makes food. In three out of four farms, you will be managing, there are 500 cows that are used for milking and raising. This job needs someone who can come up with new and good ideas, work on their own, and really push the farm to do well.

Vacant Positions

  1. Farm Manager
  2. Livestock
  3. Dairy cleaner

Jobs Requirements:

To apply for this exciting job, you need to have:

  • A degree or diploma in farming.
  • At least 4 years of practical experience in farming.
  • Knowing a lot about taking care of cows, growing crops, and handling beef and pigs.
  • Being good with computer programs used for farming.
  • Being able to work with the people who are working on the farm.
  • Showing that you can take charge come up with new ideas and work on yourself.
  • Being really good at leading a team and making them feel motivated.
  • The candidates are known the take care of animals on the machine farm.
  • The job for applying candidates to have e valid driving license and a passport that is valid.
  • All candidates must remember the job for only qualified candidates are eligible.

Jobs Benefits:

Along with a good salary, this job comes with some extra perks:

  • In the jobs, you can learn a new fastest farming way
  • The jobs are a good chance to move up and have better jobs in the farming growing company.
  • The people work with helpful encouragement to come up with new ideas.
  • In the jobs, you will get work on lots of different farms which are given to help learn new ideas.
  • In the Job, you will be a part of farming that takes care of farm animals and the farm environment and makes sure to do things the right way.

Salary announced:

In these jobs, you will be given a competitive salary per month, and extra bounces are given every week.

How to Apply

If you are interested in the jobs you can easy to apply for the jobs. The jobs for applying candidates need some important documents such as a Valid driver’s license, Valid passport, and educational certificates all documents make a resume submitted online at farmmanagersa.co.za company’s official website and easy to direct contact for the jobs through the company email. The job for all candidates must apply not to miss these job opportunities.

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