Work Abroad: Live & Work on a UK Farm (Visa Included!)

Work Abroad: Live & Work on a UK Farm (Visa Included!)

Discover the gateway to garden work in the UK without specialized skills: the UK Seasonal Worker Visa! Their guide navigates you through the 2024 application process, outlining eligibility, steps, and trusted companies to embark on your agricultural venture.

Understanding the UK Seasonal Worker Visa:

Recognizing the rising need for agricultural support, the UK has launched a specialized visa initiative. This scheme reserves the 55,000 visas for each year for temporary agricultural labor. People from several countries can use these visas to work on projects such as harvesting fruits and vegetables, tending to flowers, and caring for poultry. USA Warehouse Worker Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Eligibility Criteria:

For this UK seasonal worker visa offer, only eligible candidates must meet the following criteria:

Age Requirement:

For this visa to be eligible for agricultural employment in the United Kingdom, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Sponsorship Certificate:

Securing a sponsorship certificate from a UK employer is vital for working in the UK during specific periods.

Financial Capability:

In this visa prospective, candidates must demonstrate financial preparation by keeping the minimum amount of £1,270 in their bank accounts to cover lodging, meals, and other living expenses during their stay in the UK. Tailor Jobs in Winnipeg, Canada

Accommodation and Benefits:

Applying candidates must establish their sponsor, who will provide the accommodation, meals, and other essentials for their stay in the UK.

Job Offer:

Securing seasonal employment in the UK is crucial for those applying for agricultural visas.

Application Process:

Applying for the UK Seasonal Worker Visa requires completing a series of steps:

Job Search:

Discover specialized job openings designed for overseas individuals seeking short-term employment in the UK.

Online Application:

Explore trusted online sources or the official website of the company to submit your application for the desired role. Complete the application process by securely paying any necessary fees online.

Submission of Documents:

Assemble vital paperwork: passport, sponsorship letter, job offer, and financial evidence (e.g., bank statements with ample funds for initial UK expenses).


Attend a scheduled appointment to provide biometric data, including fingerprints and photographs.

Visa Decision:

Expect an update on your visa application status within three to four weeks.

Notable Sponsorship Companies:

Numerous esteemed firms across the UK aid in processing seasonal agricultural work visa applications, such as:

  • Concordia UK Ltd.
  • AG Recruitment
  • Fruitful Jobs Limited
  • Pro-Force Limited
  • Haygrove Recruitment
  • Hops Labour Solutions


Explore the UK Seasonal Worker Visa for an enriching stint in agricultural and poultry work. Embrace this opportunity to contribute to the UK’s farming sector while adhering to application guidelines. Begin your rewarding journey in the UK’s agricultural landscape today.

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