University of Padua International Scholarships 2023/2024

University of Padua International Scholarships 2023/2024

Embarking on a journey of higher education can be financially daunting, and the University of Padua understands the hurdles that talented students may face. Introducing the Padua International Excellence Scholarship, our initiative to pave the way for aspiring individuals globally.

With 53 prestigious awards up for grabs, this scholarship is tailored for those seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English at the esteemed University of Padua.

Scholarship Details:

Discover a world of academic excellence with the Padua International Excellence Scholarship! This exclusive program seeks outstanding scholars with a strong academic track record. As a Padua scholar, you’ll not only enjoy a fee waiver but also receive a substantial €8,000 gross amount annually.

Embrace the opportunity to become a university ambassador, showcasing your achievements at various events. It’s more than a scholarship; it’s a journey towards success!

Time Frame:

When embarking on your academic journey with this scholarship, keep in mind that it generously supports Master’s degree seekers for up to two consecutive years and Bachelor’s as well as Single-Cycle degree candidates for a continuous three-year span.

Beyond this timeframe, students will be responsible for managing their own expenses and tuition fees until they successfully complete their studies.

Eligibility Criteria:

International students from across the globe aspiring to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees at the University of Padua, taught exclusively in English, are invited to apply. Eligible candidates should lack Italian citizenship unless it’s part of dual citizenship.

For Bachelor’s or Single-cycle degrees, a non-Italian foreign secondary school diploma is required, while Master’s degree applicants should possess a non-Italian Bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, applicants must not currently reside in Italy and should submit their applications for the specified degree programs.

Application Process:

Getting into the application process is a breeze – if you meet the criteria, you’re already in the running! No extra paperwork or separate applications are required, just focus on what’s needed for your chosen degree program. It’s that simple, making your journey toward acceptance straightforward and stress-free.

Selection Criteria:

At the heart of their selection process lies a dedication to academic excellence. Each degree program’s Academic Committee carefully reviews eligible applicants, considering their academic achievements and records from previous learning experiences. They prioritize quality and merit, ensuring that scholarships are awarded to the most deserving candidates.

Selection Results:

Scholarship recipients are typically selected from the initial application round. However, in unique situations, the Academic Committees may grant scholarships to deserving candidates from the second application period.

Keep an eye on the University’s website for the announcement of results, aligning with the specified timeline outlined in the Call for Applications.

Acceptance and Payments:

Embracing and navigating the path to academic success, scholarship recipients at Padua University are in for a seamless journey. Upon receiving the scholarship offer, students will be guided through a straightforward acceptance process with clear deadlines. The initial installment awaits upon their arrival in Padua, marking the beginning of an enriching educational experience.

It’s important to note that recipients are expected to exclusively rely on this scholarship and fulfill the specified conditions for a smooth enrollment at the University.

Payment Arrangements and Maintenance Requirements:

Payment for your scholarship follows a straightforward process at their institution. Twice a year, you’ll receive €4,000 in two equal installments, ensuring financial support for each academic term. This, of course, is contingent upon meeting the merit standards specified in their Call for Applications. They believe in transparent and reliable funding to help you focus on your studies without unnecessary financial concerns.

Cancellation Clause:

It’s important to note that the University of Padua maintains the authority to cancel the scholarship in specific situations. Instances include not achieving a minimum of 20 ECTS by the set deadline, transferring to a different university, or withdrawing from studies. Should any of these circumstances arise, the recipient is required to reimburse the granted scholarship amount.


In conclusion, the Padua International Excellence Scholarship stands as a gateway for bright minds globally to shape their academic journey at Italy’s esteemed University of Padua. Through financial backing and merit acknowledgment, the university is fostering the growth of future leaders across diverse disciplines. For those interested, the Call for Applications for the Academic Year 2023/24 provides a thorough resource to explore the details of this valuable scholarship opportunity.

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