UK Marriage Visitor Visa: Everything You Need to Know

UK Marriage Visitor Visa

If you’re dreaming of a wedding or civil partnership ceremony in the UK, but don’t plan to make it your permanent home, securing a Marriage Visitor visa is a vital part of the process. This special visa is tailored for folks who want to make their union official in the UK. However, if your goal is to transform a civil partnership into a marriage, a Standard Visitor visa will serve your purpose just right.

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To be eligible for a Marriage Visitor visa, you must:

  • Have marriage or civil partnership as your primary purpose for visiting the UK.
  • Need to give notice of your marriage or civil partnership in the UK.
  • Have no intention to stay in the UK after your ceremony.
  • Fulfill all other specified eligibility conditions.
  • Exemptions
  • Settled or Pre-Settled Status under EU Settlement Scheme
  • Pending EU Settlement Scheme Decision
  • Irish Citizenship
  • Eligibility for British Citizenship or Dual Nationality

Permissible Activities:

  • Marriage or Civil Partnership: Tie the knot within six months of arrival, choosing a licensed venue.
  • Transit through the UK: Allowed if en route to another destination.

With a Marriage Visitor visa:

  • No access to public funds.
  • Dependents must apply separately.
  • No prolonged stay or residency rights.
  • No extension or category switch.
  • No employment or study, except for specific work-related activities or business engagements abroad.

Duration of Stay

Marriage Visitor visa allows a stay of up to six months in the UK.

Application Process and Timeline

  • Apply online before arriving in the UK
  • Schedule an appointment at a visa center for verification
  • Allow for travel time to the center, potentially in another country
  • Passport and documents may be held during processing
  • Apply as early as three months before travel
  • Usually, expect a decision within three weeks with proper documentation and identity verification
  • Expedited procedures may be available based on location.

Application Fee and Other Information:

Embarking on the path to marriage in the UK begins with a crucial step: the Marriage Visitor visa application. Priced at £115, this fee opens the door to a legally recognized union, allowing individuals to marry or register a civil partnership without committing to long-term residency.

Understanding the eligibility criteria, allowable activities, and application process is key to navigating this process seamlessly.

So, with these basics in hand, you’re ready to start your journey toward a cherished union in the United Kingdom.

How to Apply?

If you want to apply for this Visa scheme for this purpose you need to read the above information and after that, you need to click on the apply button to apply for this Marriage offer and enjoy your life with a UK girl.

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