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Tailor Job In Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2024 For Foreigners

Tailor Job In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Tailor Job In Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2024 For Foreigners

In the lively heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Libaas Fashion & Fabrics Ltd is on the lookout for a talented artisan to become the thread in the fabric of their team as a Tailor. Unravel a world of opportunity in this enduring, full-time role a stitch in time for someone who breathes life into the art of tailoring, dances with fabrics, and weaves magic into garment design. #BespokeDreams

If your eyes sparkle with precision, your hands and eyes move in harmony, and your creativity stitches dreams into bespoke garments, this role is tailored just for you. #FashionCareers

Job Details

Attribute Value
Company ThreadCraft Creations Co.
Location Aurora Threads, AB
Compensation Weave Your Success – Starting at $17.50/hour
Employment Style Endless Elegance, Full-time Weaving Artisan
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Job Description:

As a Fabric Artisan at Libaas Couture Crafts, you’ll weave bespoke wonders, meticulously crafting garments that seamlessly blend customer desires with manufacturing precision. Your hands will dance with fabrics, not only tailoring made-to-measure masterpieces but also breathing new life into fur ensembles and accessories. #EdmontonFashion

Unleash your creativity in pattern design, ensuring each stitch aligns with exact measurements. Precision, flair, and an artistic touch define your role in shaping unique fashion experiences. #LiveYourArt

Job Position:

  • Tailor

Job Requirements:

The tailor job candidates who have skills in job posts. The requirements have been the following:

  • Fluent in the art of English communication
  • Education transcends traditional degrees
  • Mastery in tailoring achieved in 7 months and counting

Job Benefits:

The tailoring job has many benefits In benefits have been included many of things which all things will be discussed below:

  • Earn an enticing hourly wage: of $17.50 that rewards your dedication
  • Unlock the door to a lasting, full-time career
  • Chart your path to personal and professional growth within this company dynamic company

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

In the meticulous artistry of bespoke garment creation, I specialize in tailoring exquisite attire tailored to individual preferences and exacting manufacturing standards. My craft extends beyond the seams, encompassing the transformation, refinement, and reinvention of fur garments and accessories. #CanadaJobs

Precision is paramount in my work, from the inception of custom patterns designed to harmonize with precise measurements to the careful orchestration of marking, cutting, and sewing fabrics with an unwavering commitment to detail.

A symphony of hand-eye coordination ensures that each stitch contributes to the seamless elegance of the final masterpiece. #TailorJobs

Work Schedule:

Type: Embrace permanence with a full-time commitment, dedicating 32 hours each week to the fluent language of work, which is English. #VisaSponsor

How to Apply?

If you want to apply for this job you are required the some important information that all information will be discussed on above must read the above information and then make the decision to apply for this Job. For this job, you need to click on the below apply now button and apply.

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