Spouse Visa to Spain: From Love to Residency

Spouse Visa to Spain: From Love to Residency

Making the switch to Spain or reuniting with relatives within the nation frequently entails exploring different visa alternatives. Among them, the spouse visa for Spain stands out as a crucial route for individuals aspiring to reunite with their partners who hold Spanish citizenship or legal residency. “Spouse Visa to Spain: From Love to Residency”

This detailed manual intends to illuminate the spouse visa application procedure, its prerequisites, processing duration, and the ensuing avenues for attaining citizenship via marriage in Spain.

The Spouse Visa for Spain:

The spouse visa for Spain, categorized as a family reunion visa, extends to lawful spouses of Spanish citizens or residents. Importantly, eligibility isn’t exclusive to legally wedded couples; unmarried partners may also apply, subject to specific conditions.

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Applying for a Spouse Visa for Spain:

The procedure for obtaining a spouse visa demands thorough attention to detail and strict adherence to particular criteria. In various circumstances, two main scenarios typically emerge:

  • Both partners immigrate together, often through schemes like the Golden Visa.
  • One spouse has already relocated to Spain.
  • The other spouse applies for the spouse visa.

Spanish Spouse Visa Requirements:

A pivotal component of the application revolves around the collection of requisite documentation. Vital papers encompass:

  • Passport of the foreign spouse
  • Proof of legal residence of the Spanish partner
  • Documents substantiating the validity of the relationship
  • A clean criminal record for the past 5 years
  • Medical certificate affirming the incoming spouse’s health status
  • Completed application form obtainable from the Ministry of External Affairs in Spain

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Requirements for the Spanish Partner:

The involvement of the Spanish counterpart is crucial throughout the application procedure. Prerequisites for the Spanish partner encompass:

  • Securing an extended Spanish residency permit for one more year
  • Commencement of the application procedure with the Foreigners’ Office
  • Anticipating confirmation or denial from the Foreigners’ Office.

Unmarried Partner Visa for Spain:

Unwed companions can seek a partner visa in Spain, subject to comparable document criteria. Evidence demonstrating the relationship is a substitute for the marriage certificate in such cases.

Validity and Renewal:

The foreign spouse’s stay duration coincides with the validity of the Spanish resident’s permit, and eligibility for permanent residency arises after maintaining legal residence in Spain for five uninterrupted years.

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Citizenship by Marriage in Spain:

In this visa Securing citizenship by marriage and being involved in fulfilling certain criteria including:

  • Reside in Spain with the spouse for a minimum of one year post receiving a residence permit
  • Pass DELE and CCSE exams
  • Submit necessary documentation and proof of integration into Spanish society


The spouse visa process in Spain acts as a key to uniting families and offers a pathway to establish long-term residency and even citizenship. Mastering the steps involved, gathering the necessary documents, and grasping the potential routes to citizenship are crucial for a seamless integration into Spanish life.

For tailored support and expert guidance during the application process, individuals can depend on immigration specialists and legal advisors who possess in-depth knowledge of Spanish immigration regulations and protocols.

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