Senior Electrical Engineer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship at Ford Motor Company in the USA

Senior Electrical Engineer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship at Ford Motor Company in the USA

Hello friends! Welcome to Are you looking for jobs in the USA? Make a being a part of the car industry? The Ford Motor Company has announced Senior electrical engineer job positions in 2023. A Ford Motor Company wants the new candidates to join us in changing how we drive life and work.

If you become a Senior Electrical Engineer in Dearborn, MI, you will have an important job in creating the future of transportation. You will work partly from our modern office three days a week, helping with important projects like self-driving cars, electric engines, and connected vehicles.

Senior Electrical Engineer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship at Ford Motor Company in the USA || Description

As a Senior Electrical Engineer in the EE Core Systems team, you’ll work at the important intersection of hardware and software development, deciding how different parts of the vehicle’s systems talk to each other. Your job will involve solving complex problems when different parts need to work together, and deciding how the Electronic Control Module should connect, including things like deciding what type of microcontroller to use and how to distribute power to different modules.

You’ll work closely with a lively team, making sure the Electronic Control Module designs fit smoothly into our engineering processes and tools, making our development work more efficient.

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Company Overview:

Ford Motor Company is the big and classic car industry in the world, That has been coming up with new ideas for more than a hundred years. The company is known for making famous cars and trying new things that changed how people live.

Nowadays, the company is on the edge of a new time, where electric power and cars that can drive themselves will change how use our cars and how we see the world.

If you join Ford company, you will be part of a lively team working on the next set of cool cars, services, and experiences.

Vacant Positions:

A Ford Motor Company has announced jobs positions which are the following:

  1. Senior Electrical Engineer

Jobs requirements:

  • The job for all of the candidates is to have a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering subject and computer skills.
  • The job for candidates has a 5-year of experience in a work.
  • The candidates should know about something called ‘Operation Systems Interconnection’ (OSI for short).
  • It would be good if you’re familiar with agile program development and tools like Jira.
  • Understanding the Continuous Integration/Continuous Development pipeline (CI/CD) is a plus.
  • Knowing how to use GitHub is important.
  • It’s helpful if you’ve worked in the industry and know about requirements and test methods.
  • In the job candidates have experience with developing software for tools and data analysis is also a good skill to have.
  • If you are great at finding and fixing problems, that is a big plus.
  • The candidates being able to talk and explain things well is really important.
  • Knowing how to run a Technical design review process is a bonus.

Job responsibilities:

  • Make sure that the electrical systems in the new car models work well together by fixing any problems.
  • Use computer programs to find smart solutions and make some of the engineering work easier.
  • Check the electronic designs really carefully to make sure they’ll work even in the worst situations.
  • Do math to see if the electrical parts will work okay even if things aren’t perfect.
  • Check that different electronic systems can work together without causing problems.
  • Test and make sure the tools we use for checking designs are good for what we’re doing.
  • Follow the special rules Ford has for checking electronic designs.
  • Make a guide (like a manual) that helps us keep an eye on how fast things are working with certain parts of the car.
  • Write small programs to help the main tools we use work better.
  • Keep a safe place for all the rules and requirements for the electrical systems.
  • Suggest ways to make our tools and processes work even better.
  • Be one of the first to try out new ways of using technology for our electrical systems.

Jobs Benefits:

The Ford company gives many benefits to employees which are the following:

  • Dental insurance: Helps cover costs for your teeth.
  • Employee discount: You get special prices on Ford stuff.
  • Health insurance: Helps with medical costs.
  • Paid time off: You get paid even when you’re not working.
  • Parental leave: Time off for new parents.
  • Prescription drug insurance: Helps with the cost of medicine.
  • Tuition reimbursement: Helps pay for education.
  • Visa sponsorship available: We can help with visa stuff.
  • Immediate medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage: You’re covered right away for medical, dental, and medicine expenses.
  • Flexible family care, parental leave, new parent ramp-up programs, subsidized back-up childcare, and more: We have lots of programs to help with family stuff.
  • Vehicle discount program for employees and family members, and management leases: You can get a good deal on Ford cars for you and your family.
  • Tuition assistance: We can help with education costs.
  • Established and active employee resource groups: Groups where employees with similar interests can connect and support each other.
  • Paid time off for individual and team community service: You get time off to help out in the community.

How to Apply?

To Apply for the job Positions First, create a CV and cover letter with all of your important documents. After creating a document visit the company’s official website to submit your application. Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States and the verification of the employee’s eligibility will be required at the hiring time

Jobs Contact Detail:

  • Company official website:
  • Phone number:(800) 392-3673

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  1. I am interested I am willing to work and hard working Honest and sincere with my work If you give me a chance to work in your company I never give you complain about me work and fullfil all tasks Thanks.


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