Security Guard Jobs In Dubai With Visa Sponsorship 2023

Security Guard Jobs In Dubai With Visa Sponsorship 2023

Hello friends!Calling all vigilant guardians! If you’re a seasoned Security Guard on the lookout for a fresh adventure in the vibrant city of Dubai, your search ends here! Wady AlJwhar is on the hunt for a committed professional to join the ranks.

Safeguard this company space and its guests with your sharp attention to detail, top-notch communication skills, and robust physical prowess. Embark on this thrilling opportunity with them.

Job Announcements:

Join Wady AlJwhar in Dubai as a Security Guard! If you’re qualified and eager to enhance safety, they invite you to apply and be part of this company’s commitment to a secure environment.

Job Description:

As the Guardian of Safety at Wady AlJwhar, your main task is to watch over this company space, safeguard our team, and ensure the well-being of this company’s guests. Your role involves thwarting any unlawful activities, be it mischief or theft. Beyond that, you’ll be flexible to take on any other tasks deemed necessary by this company’s management.

Job Details:

Place Enchanted Oasis, Dubai
Compensation Magic Coins – Your Effort Determines the Treasure
Occupation Category Full-time Quest Seeker
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Job Position:

They are on the lookout for seasoned Security Protectors to be part of this company’s dedicated team.

Job Requirments:

  • Maintain robust physical well-being and a polished presentation.
  • Bring prior experience in security roles to the table.
  • Demonstrate top-notch communication abilities and are at ease in office settings.

Job Duties:

  • Maintaining vigilant oversight of the premises.
  • Safeguarding the well-being of staff and visitors against potential security risks.
  • Identifying and thwarting vandalism, theft, or any illicit activities.
  • Adhering to management’s guidance and executing assigned tasks diligently.

Job Benefits:

Employing your skills as a guardian of safety at Wady AlJwhar offers you not just a job, but a gateway to advantages such as:

  • Lucrative monthly compensation, ranging from AED2,000 to AED3,500.
  • Full-time, secure employment with peace of mind.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Safeguarding the premises with unwavering commitment to safety.
  • Partnering seamlessly with management and fellow guardians of security.
  • Swiftly addressing security incidents with precision.
  • Standing watch with an alert demeanor to discourage unlawful activities.

Job Salary:

The monthly compensation for this role ranges from AED2,000 to AED3,500, depending on your level of expertise and qualifications.

How to apply:

Ready to join the front line of safeguarding this company community in Dubai? Send them your resume and cover letter for the Security Guard position at Wady AlJwhar to apply for Before the deadline. Excited to welcome a new member to this company’s security team. Be a part of making a positive impact with them.

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