Netherlands Spouse Visa For EU and Non-EU Countries 2024

Netherlands Spouse Visa For EU and Non-EU Countries 2024

Embarking on the journey to be with your loved one in the Netherlands involves navigating the intricacies of the Netherlands spouse visa, sometimes referred to as a Dutch partner visa or MVV. This essential document opens doors for non-EU/EEA/Swiss individuals eager to reunite with their Dutch partners or legal residents. Here, they offer a comprehensive overview, guiding you through the visa’s prerequisites, and application steps, and addressing common inquiries that may arise during the process.

Visa Application Fee For Netherlands Spouse Visa

Securing a Netherlands spouse visa comes with a visa application fee of €174 at present. To stay informed about any changes in fees, applicants are advised to regularly check the official Dutch immigration website.
Interview Process

Navigating the interview process is a significant step for certain applicants for the Netherlands spouse visa. Whether conducted in person at the Dutch embassy or consulate, or through a video call, this interview serves to validate information and determine eligibility. Being well-prepared, with all required documents in hand, is vital for a smooth experience.

Netherlands Spouse Visa Requirements:

  • Valid passports for both partners.
  • Copy of the Dutch partner’s passport or residence permit.
  • Marriage or registered partnership certificate.
  • Proof of cohabitation (e.g., joint lease, bank account, or shared bills).

Financial Requirements For Netherlands Spouse Visa 

  • Dutch partner needs stable, sufficient income per Dutch minimum requirements.
  • Sponsor guarantee option available from a third party to cover financial costs.

Accommodation and Insurance:

  • Lease agreement or landlord’s letter.
  • Health insurance meeting Dutch standards.
  • Can be through the Dutch partner’s insurance or a separate policy.

Biometric Data and Health Check:

  • Dutch embassy: Biometric data submission (fingerprint and photo).
  • Home country: Tuberculosis (TB) test and possible medical examination.
  • Dutch Spouse Visa Application Process

Eligibility Check:

  • Verify eligibility for a Netherlands spouse visa.

Document Preparation:

  • Collect necessary documents: completed MVV application form, passports, marriage certificate, proof of cohabitation, financial means, health insurance, and accommodation.

Online Application Submission:

  • Complete and submit the online application form on the Dutch immigration website.

Biometric Data and Document Submission:

  • Schedule an appointment at the Dutch embassy or consulate to provide biometric data and submit the required documents.

Waiting Period:

  • Await a decision on the visa application, recognizing that processing times may vary.

Required Documents and Forms

When applying for a Netherlands spouse visa, you’ll need a set of essential documents and forms. This includes a filled-out MVV application form, valid passports, your Dutch partner’s passport or residence permit, marriage certificate, proof of cohabitation, a passport photo, evidence of health insurance, accommodation proof, and documentation of financial means. This concise list outlines the necessary paperwork to navigate the application process smoothly.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Incomplete or incorrect forms.
  • Insufficient documentation.
  • Financial requirement lapses.
  • Relationship information inaccuracies.
  • Interview preparation gaps.

Expert Tips:

  • Begin early.
  • Double-check all docs.
  • Maintain document copies.
  • Open communication with the Dutch partner.
  • Seek professional assistance if necessary.

How to Prepare for the Interview

Preparing for your interview is crucial for success. Take the time to go through all your application documents, practice likely interview questions, choose suitable attire, arrive ahead of time, ensure you have all required documents, and maintain a calm and composed demeanor throughout the interview.


In summary, obtaining a Netherlands spouse visa is a crucial move for those eager to be with their partners in the country. This guide offers valuable insights, helping applicants navigate the process effectively. Through careful preparation, meeting requirements, and submitting a well-documented application on time, individuals can enhance their prospects of securing a spouse visa and beginning a fulfilling chapter in the Netherlands.

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FAQs Netherlands Spouse Visa

Work Permission with Spouse Visa:

  • Q: Can I Work in the Netherlands with a Spouse Visa?
  • A: Yes, a spouse visa permits work, but ensure the visa indicates work permission.

Processing Time:

  • Q: What is the Processing Time for a Netherlands Spouse Visa?
  • A: Processing times vary, generally taking up to three months based on application complexity and workload.

Children Accompanying:

  • Q: Can I Bring My Children with Me on a Spouse Visa?
  • A: Yes, children under 18 and unmarried can accompany, providing proof of relationship and financial dependence.

Visa Rejection:

  • Q: What Happens if My Visa Application is Rejected?
  • A: Appeal within four weeks, presenting new evidence to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service for reconsideration. Successful appeals grant entry and stay in the Netherlands.

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