Move Your Spouse to Dubai: 2024 Spouse Visa Guide

Move Your Spouse to Dubai: 2024 Spouse Visa Guide

Are you decide to live and Work in Dubai it can be an enriching experience, But it’s even better when you can share it with your family. Spouse visas are available in the UAE, enabling citizens to sponsor their spouses with foreign passports to live there. This Guide will equip you with the latest information on the date of April 2024 to navigate the spouse visa process in Dubai.

Key Requirements and Eligibility

  • Sponsorship: You have to be a resident of the United Arab Emirates, have a valid visa, and make the requisite wage. For the males, This is AED 4000 Per month (or AED 300 with employer-provided accommodation.) Females must earn AED 4000 with employer-provided.
  • Marriage Proof: A valid marriage certificate attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the UAE Embassy/Consulate in your spouse’s home country is mandatory.
  • Medical Fitness: Your spouse (and any children over 18) will need to pass a medical fitness test in a UAE-approved health facility.

Streamlined Application Process

The UAE has made applying for spouse visas more convenient. You can apply online through the ICA website, GDRFA website, TAMM (Abu Dhabi), ICP App, or Dubai Now App. These platforms offer real-time application tracking for peace of mind.

Documents to Gather

  • Valid Passports (yours and your spouse’s) with at least 6 months of validity
  • Proof of your income (bank statements, company letter)
  • Emirates ID copy (yours)
  • Tenancy contract (if applicable)
  • Health insurance copy (yours)
  • Attested marriage certificate
  • Spouse’s passport-sized photos
  • Medical test results (if applicable for spouse and children over 18)
  • For company owners/investors: trade license and company documents

Visa Fees

Costs vary depending on the emirate and visa duration. Here’s a general breakdown of Dubai fees (subject to change):

  • File opening: AED 200
  • Entry permit: AED 100
  • Residence visa: AED 310
  • Medical fitness test: AED 420
  • Emirates ID: AED 370
  • Renewal fees (with/without insurance): AED 4022/AED 2450 (2 years) and AED 4222/AED 2450 (3 years)

Unique Insights: Navigating the Modern Dubai

Dubai’s spouse visa program reflects the emirate’s focus on attracting and retaining talent. While many countries have tightened immigration rules, Dubai’s openness makes it an attractive option for international couples seeking a vibrant life together.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Considerations

  • Same-Sex Marriage: Currently, UAE law doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages for sponsorship purposes.
  • Work Permits: A spouse visa doesn’t automatically grant your spouse work permission. They may need to apply for a separate work permit if they wish to be employed in the UAE.


Bringing your spouse to Dubai can be a smooth process with proper planning and knowledge of the latest requirements. By following this guide and consulting official UAE government resources, you can ensure a successful application and welcome your loved one to Dubai’s dynamic life.

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