Live and Work in Paradise: Portugal’s New Visa Streamlines Your Dream (April 2024)

Live and Work in Paradise: Portugal’s New Visa Streamlines Your Dream (April 2024)

Hey digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs! Portugal, a cool European country known for its awesome beaches, cool history, and yummy food, is welcoming you to live and work there. They just made it easier with a new visa program called the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa (PDNV). Now, it’s simpler for people from other countries to move to Portugal and start work.

Why Portugal?

  • Portugal is nice. Lots of people like it.
  • Many tech jobs in Portugal. Good for freelancers and startups.
  • Living here is not as expensive as in other countries in Europe.
  • The weather is sunny and warm all the time. Great if you don’t like cold weather.
  • Explore Portugal’s amazing culture, food, and friendly folks.
  • Portugal has delicious seafood and tasty pastries.
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Travel to Portugal is easy with the PDNV visa. It’s easy to apply!

  • Who can apply: Anyone from another country who can work from anywhere can apply. Freelancers can also apply.
  • Money requirement: You need to show you make enough money each month. It should be at least four times what people in Portugal make in a month.
  • How to apply: you can apply this online. You will need to show documents like how much money you can earn.


  • Can I bring my family with me?
  • Yes, you can bring your family with you when you apply.
  • How long I can stay with the visa?
  • You get it for one year at first. After that, you can renew it for two or three more years.
  • Living the Portugal Dream: Helpful Tips
  • Moving to Portugal? Here is what you need to know:
  • SEF – This is the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service. You can find official info about applying for PDNV on their website.

Cost of Living in Portugal – Check out the website:

Enjoy the sun, culture, and paradise living while you work in Portugal!

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