Heavy Duty Mechanic Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Heavy Duty Mechanic Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Do you have the talent for Heavy Duty Mechanics and searching for an exciting career move? Well, your quest ends here! Canadian Pacific, partnered with Kansas City Southern (CPKC), presents an alluring opportunity in Revelstoke, BC. As the sole truly North American railway, CPKC is leading the charge in linking a continent, transporting vital goods across an extensive 20,000-mile network.

This piece explores the Heavy Duty Mechanic role, offering a glimpse into the job details, duties, prerequisites, perks, and application process.

Job Details:

Attribute Value
Company Maple Mountaineers Co.
Site Revelstoke Summit, BC, Canada
Job Category Full-Time Expedition
Salary hour adventure
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Jobs Description

The CPKC Heavy Duty Mechanic is crucial in ensuring the optimal performance of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic machinery within the Work Equipment group. Operating in varying weather conditions outdoors, the role involves preventive and corrective maintenance, inspections, tests, and welding repairs.

Successful candidates must possess problem-solving abilities, collaborative teamwork skills, and a strong commitment to safety, given the high-risk nature of the job in the presence of heavy moving equipment.

Job Position:

Heavy Duty Mechanic

Job Requirments:

The heavy Duty Mechanic job candidates who have skills in job posts. The requirements have been the following:

  • In this job, you will be accomplished a heavy-duty Duty Mechanic And Technician Driver with the Journeyman’s Certificate of the Automotive Mechanic.
  • In this Job, you are actively registered as the 2nd or 3rd year apprentice in the heat Mechanic Driver.
  • Expertise in monitoring and interpreting gauges, instruments, and processes.
  • Proven problem-solving skills, demonstrating sound judgment in challenging situations.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • Collaborative team player with the ability to work seamlessly in a group.
  • Versatile and adaptable, excelling in handling diverse tasks and adjusting to changing demands.

Job Benefits:

The Heavy Duty Mechanic job has many benefits In benefits have been included many of things which all things will be discussed below:

  • Clear pathways for career growth, paving the way for advancement to Supervisor or Manager roles.
  • Unwavering job security, ensuring a stable work environment without any layoffs.
  • Tailored and competitive benefits, offering flexibility to meet individual needs.
  • Company-matched pension plan, securing your financial future with a strong support system.
  • Participate in the Employee Share Purchase Plan, doubling your investment with company matching.
  • You will be Enjoy as an annual fitness of Subsidy to promote the healthy work life balance.

Job Responsibilities:

The Heavy Duty Mechanic is responsible for the work. The responsibility has been the following:

  • Performing thorough inspections, tests, and precision welding repairs.
  • Swiftly identifying and resolving equipment issues to optimize crew productivity.
  • Collaborating with team members to plan and execute coordinated work.
  • Ensuring meticulous documentation of equipment maintenance records and time sheets.
  • Achieving certification in CPKC safety rules for enhanced workplace safety.

How to Apply?

Are you ready to tackle the challenges of a Heavy Duty Mechanic role? Dive into the world of opportunities by submitting your application through the CPKC website at cpkcr.com. this company application process comprises a pre-employment medical assessment, covering aspects like physical fitness, vision, hearing, and thorough alcohol and drug audits.

Successful applicants will embark on a journey that includes a comprehensive background investigation, featuring checks on criminal history, references, education verification, and a 3-year Drivers Abstract. Take the first step towards an exciting career with them.

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