Green Card Backlog Update: April 2024 Visa Bulletin Released (Is Yours Current?)

Green Card Backlog Update: April 2024 Visa Bulletin Released

In April have great news for those who are interested in the hopefuls for green cards in the USA. The U.S. Department of State has released the April 2024 Visa Bulletin, offering a glimpse into current wait times and potential progress for your application.

What is the Visa Bulletin?

The Visa Bulletin tells you when it’s your turn to apply for a green card. It shows your “place in line” called the priority date. When your priority date is “current,” you can go ahead with the next steps for your application.

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Is My Priority Date Current?

In the Visa Bulletin includes charts for different green card categories (employment-based, family-based, etc.) Each chart lists two key dates:

  • Final Action Dates: This shows when USCIS can begin final processing on green card applications already submitted.
  • Dates for Filing: This indicates when you can apply for adjustment of status if you haven’t already.

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How to Find Your Information

If you are finding or know about the green card category and your priority date see if the April 2024 Visa Bulletin offers the good news for you.

Here are some resources to Help:

If you are interested in the USA Green Card Visa Bulletin, you can find the information about the green card from the USA Department of State’s official website or their link.

  • The Department of State’s Visa Bulletin:
  • A Guide to Understanding the Visa Bulletin: Boundless Immigration: how to read the Visa Bulletin

Potential Movement This Month?

The article you referenced (Green Card Backlog Update: April 2024 Visa Bulletin Released) mentions advancements in some categories. To understand if yours is included, you’ll need to check the specific details on the Visa Bulletin.

Next Steps

If your priority date is current, consult with an immigration attorney to discuss the next steps in finalizing your green card application.

Remember: This article provides a general overview. It’s always best to consult with an immigration professional for personalized guidance on your specific situation.

Green Card Waitlist Update: April 2024 Visa Bulletin FAQs

Q: What’s the April 2024 Visa Bulletin?

A: It shows how far along green card applications are in different categories (family, employment, etc.).

Q: What do I need to know?

A: Your green card category and priority date (your place in line).

Q: Where do I find this info?

A: The Visa Bulletin: [link to Visa Bulletin ON U.S. Department of State (.gov)]

Q: Does the new bulletin mean my wait is over?

A: Maybe! Check the bulletin for your category’s dates. If it’s “current,” you can move forward.

Q: What if my date isn’t current?

A: The bulletin can give you an idea of how long you might wait.

Q: What’s next if my date is current?

A: Talk to an immigration attorney about finalizing your application.

Stay Informed:

Stay ahead with the latest updates on the USA Green Card Bulletin, pathways to permanent residency, and exciting visa sponsorship by USA. Dive into valuable resources such as for all the freshest insights.

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