Food Service Worker Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship For 2023/2024

Food Service Worker Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship For 2023/2024

Hello friends! Are you someone who loves the art of cooking and providing excellent customer service? Well, they have an exciting opportunity for you at Fat Bastard Burrito, right in the heart of Scarborough, ON (4455-4457 Kingston Rd). Join them as a Food Service Worker and become an essential part of this company’s bustling eatery.

In this brief guide, they give you a sneak peek into what the job entails, the skills you’ll need, the perks, and how to jump on board. Let’s explore the delicious details together.

Job Description:

In your role as a Food Enthusiast at Flavors Galore, your main tasks involve crafting and serving a delectable array of dishes and drinks to this company’s cherished patrons. Impeccable cleanliness is your mantra, maintaining top-tier hygiene in the culinary realm. Your adept cash-handling skills shine as you effortlessly operate the register, ensuring seamless transactions with a touch of outstanding customer service.

Keeping a watchful eye on inventory, you’ll assist in restocking supplies when the need arises. Engaging with this company’s valued customers, you swiftly address queries or concerns with a smile, embodying excellence in service. Upholding food safety regulations is second nature, and you seamlessly collaborate with your fellow flavor enthusiasts to orchestrate a harmonious and efficient daily operation.

Job detailed:

Employer Hearty Wrap Haven
Address 4455-4457 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON
Compensation Earn a savory $15.50–$23.69 per hour
Position Full-Time Wrap Artisan
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Job Requirments:

In there, you have required the man of the requirements you need follow requirements for this job you need to follow the below requirements:

  • Background in food service, hospitality, or customer service (preferred)
  • Familiarity with food prep techniques and basic cooking abilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Capacity to excel in a dynamic setting, juggling multiple tasks effectively
  • Keen attention to detail and adeptness at following instructions
  • Basic math proficiency for cash-handling purposes
  • Smart Serve certification is a plus but not mandatory

Job Benefits:

This JObs has many of the many benefits that all benefits will be discussed below. You will be provided with these benefits:

  • Attractive Compensation: Earn a competitive hourly wage ranging from $15.50 to $23.69
  • Convenient On-site Parking
  • Assistance with LMIA for Work Permit Holders
  • Explore a Thrilling Relocation Opportunity to Beautiful British Columbia

Job Position:

  • Dining Delight Facilitator

Job Skills:

  • Cooking prowess and culinary finesse
  • Effective communication and people skills
  • Versatility in dynamic settings
  • A keen eye for detail and adept at following directions
  • Numerical proficiency for cash management

How to Apply?

If you’re excited about being part of the Fat Bastard Burrito crew, toss your application this company’s way using the designated channels. Don’t forget to spice it up with a resume showcasing your skills and a cover letter serving up your passion for the Food Service Worker gig. Let the flavor of your application speak volumes.

Apply Now!

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