FinLand Cook Jobs In Resort 2023 with visa Sponsorship: Northern Lights Village Resort Jobs

FinLand Cook Jobs In Resort 2023 with visa Sponsorship

Hello, friend! Welcome to you are a seeking Job in Hotel in Finland.This opportunity for you. The Northern Lights Village, founded in 2016, is known for its outstanding hospitality in the beautiful Finnish Lapland. They focus on giving guests a special and friendly experience. This article talks about what makes the Northern Lights Village unique, its goals, and its diverse team, and explains what a Line Cook does in detail.

Jobs Details:

Job Title Cook jobs in Finland
Location Finland
Job Type Full-time
Experience Required Not mandatory, but preferred
Knowledge Required Basic
Age Limit 18 and above
Visa Sponsorship Available
Relocation Supported
Free Food Not provided
Free Accommodation Included
Free Health Insurance Yes
Minimum Salary EUR 2000-25000/Month
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Northern Lights Village Experience:

The Northern Lights Village, based in Finnish Lapland, has two carefully planned resorts. From the start, they’ve focused on giving outstanding service, making sure guests have a cozy and unforgettable stay. Every team member at the Northern Lights Village is wholeheartedly dedicated to this goal, considering it a special duty. The brand highly appreciates the ideas and efforts of each person, seeing its employees as its most important asset.

Team Diversity: A Global Mosaic:

The Northern Lights Village has a special quality – it attracts people from all over the world. This shows how everyone is captivated by the Northern Lights and the stunning Lapland scenery. The team at the Northern Lights Village is a wonderful example of diversity. They can speak an impressive total of 17 different languages. This mix of cultures creates a friendly and enriching atmosphere for both the team and the guests.

Jobs Responsibility:

A Line Cook at the Northern Lights Village plays a crucial role in creating delicious meals that match the beauty of the surroundings. Here are the key tasks:

  • Setting Up Workstations: They get everything ready for cooking, making sure all ingredients and tools are in place for a smooth process.
  • Ingredient Preparation: They carefully get all the ingredients ready, making sure they’re of the best quality.
  • Cooking Skills: They’re skilled in using various cooking tools and techniques, ensuring every dish is cooked with precision and tastes great.
  • Watching the Cooking: They keep a close eye on the food while it’s cooking, making small adjustments if needed to get it just right.
  • Making Food Look Great: Before serving, they make sure each dish looks amazing, creating a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.
  • Keeping the Kitchen Clean: They make sure the kitchen is always tidy and follows strict hygiene rules.
  • Managing Supplies: They take care of the ingredients, making sure they’re stored properly and ordering more when needed to keep everything in stock.

Jobs Requirements:

To be a successful Line Cook at the Northern Lights Village, you should have:

  • Cooking Experience: You need to have worked as a cook before, showing that you know your way around the kitchen.
  • Culinary Knowledge: Knowing different cooking methods and tools is important.
  • Cleanliness: Candidates must follow all hygiene rules to keep the food safe.
  • Team Skills: In the job, candidates should be able to work well with others in a team.
  • Culinary School Diploma: The jobs for candidates who have gone to culinary school for formal training.
  • Handling Pressure: You should be able to work calmly even when it’s busy.
  • Physical Ability: The job candidates need to be able to lift and move things up to 10kg and be on their feet a lot.
  • Neat Appearance: The job for candidates should always look clean and tidy in their uniform.


While not required, having the following qualifications can be a plus:

  • Teamwork Skills: Being good at working together, and creating a friendly work atmosphere.
  • Attention to Detail: Pay close attention to make sure every dish is just right.
  • Positive Attitude: Having a cheerful and friendly personality, adding to a lively work environment.
  • Prior Kitchen Experience: Having worked in a kitchen before, helps improve your cooking skills.

Jobs Benefits:

The many of Jobs benefits are the following:

  • Work Hours: You’ll work at least 90 hours over three weeks.
  • Seasonal Job: Jobs start in November and go until late March, which is when the Northern Lights are best seen.
  • Pay: How much you’re paid will be discussed in the interview based on your skills.
  • Extra Benefits: You’ll get additional perks as per the labor agreement.
  • Place to Stay: If you need it, there’s a shared room at the resort for €250 a month.
  • Who Can Apply: You should already have the right to work in Finland.

In short, the Northern Lights Village offers an amazing experience for guests and a chance for hardworking folks to join a diverse team. Line Cooks play a big role in making the food as special as Lapland itself. With good pay, seasonal work, and a supportive atmosphere, the Northern Lights Village is calling for passionate professionals to be part of this unique culinary journey.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in the Northern Lights Village brand resort Jobs you can easy to apply. The job for applying candidates needs a resume or CV letter. When preparing a CV you can send it through the company email address or document submitted online to company’s official website.

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