Farm Assistant Jobs in Portugal 2023 with Visa Sponsorship

Farm Assistant Jobs in Portugal 2023 with Visa Sponsorship

Hello friends! Welcome to Do you love farming and taking care of animals? Protential Resources is looking for a hardworking and knowledgeable Farm Assistant for a full-time job on a big Beef Farm in County Louth. In the job posts of Farm Assistant, candidates have an important job in running the farm smoothly and making sure the animals are healthy and happy. This is a great chance for people who know how to take care of livestock to be part of a successful farming team.

Potential Resources:

Potential Resources is a trusted agency that helps people find jobs in farming. We’re known for matching skilled workers with agricultural jobs. We’re especially active in County Louth. Potential Resources is proud of our high standards and how we pick the right people for the right jobs. When candidates join In the job candidates will be with a team that really cares about making farming successful and long-lasting.

Job Position:

The Portugal Potential Resources need eligible candidates for the jobs. The positions that have been announced are the following:

  1. Farm Assistant

Jobs Responsibilities:

Some of the job responsibilities of Farm assistant candidates are the following:

In the job, candidates have responsibilities of taking care of animals. In these jobs, candidates will be in charge of the farm taking care of animals. These jobs include int he anim al of feeding, keeping, cleaning the farm, and making sure animals are healthy.

  • Weekend Work: The job for candidates will need to be available to work every other weekend. In this jobs are very important to make sure the animals get the care they need, even on weekends.
  • Keeping the Farm in Shape: Candidates will help to keep the farm of buildings, equipment, and other things in good condition. These are to make sure everyone can work safely and efficiently.
  • Keeping Records: Candidates need to keep accurate records about the health of the animals when they’re bred, and what they eat.
  • Helping with Calving and Breeding: During the times when the animals give birth or are being bred, candidates will be there to assist. This is to make sure both the animals and the farm staff stay safe and healthy.
  • Being Safe: In the job candidates follow all the rules and guidelines for staying safe at work. This is really important to create a secure working environment for everyone.

Jobs Requirements:

Some of the job requirements which are needed for the jobs. These are the following:


The job for candidates should have worked with animals before, preferably for at least 1 year in a similar job.


It’s not a must, but if you have a formal qualification in agriculture, that’s a plus.

Other Skills:

In the jobs very important to be good at talking with others and working in a team is important.
The job candidates need to be physically fit and able to do manual work on the farm.
Knowing about farm machines and tools is helpful.


In the job, Farm Assistants are paid between €15.50 and €16.50 for each hour of work. On Saturdays, Farm Assistance will get one and a half times A Farm Assistance’s usual pay, and on Sundays, The Farm Assistance will get twice your regular pay.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in the jobs. To apply right away, just give Jason a call at 01-8350044. and contact through the company email address: [email protected]

The job listing for Farm Assistant can also be found on the Potential Resources website.

This is a great chance for people who love farming to be part of a big Beef Farm. Join us and help take care of animals and support the farming industry in County Louth. Apply today!

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