Canada Housekeeper Job With Sponsorship 2023 2024

Canada Housekeeper Job With Sponsorship 2023 2024

Are you someone who appreciates the beauty of precision, and reliability, and views cleanliness as more than just a chore? If your answer is yes, then an intriguing opportunity is ready for you at 3284316 Nova Scotia Limited in Boularderie East, NS. They are on the lookout for a committed and meticulous individual to become a part of this company team as a Housekeeper.

In this position, your attention to detail will play a vital role in crafting a warm and inviting atmosphere for this company’s guests, showcasing your exceptional housekeeping talents.

Job Description:

As a Custodial Care Specialist, your mission is to uphold the impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards of this company’s premises. Your daily duties span from promptly addressing customer inquiries to orchestrating a pristine atmosphere, all geared towards enhancing the overall satisfaction of this company’s valued guests.

Job Position:

  • Housekeeper

Company Overview:

At 3284316 Nova Scotia Limited, We dedicate ourselves to delivering exceptional hospitality services. this company’s dedicated housekeeping team is at the forefront, ensuring impeccable cleanliness and comfort for this company’s valued guests.

Joining this company’s vibrant and supportive work environment means being an essential part of this company organization’s commitment to excellence.

Job Requirments:

  • The housekeeper job candidates who have skills in job posts. The requirements have been the following:
  • Language Skills: Fluency in English is a must.
  • Educational Background: No formal credentials are needed; comprehensive on-the-field training is provided.
  • Work Experience: No previous professional background is required; specialized training tailored for the position is offered.

Job Benefits:

The housekeeper job has many benefits In this have been included many of things which all things will be discussed below:

  • Attractive compensation ranging from $15.00 to $20.91 per hour.
  • Full-time positions available, allowing flexibility with 30 to 40 hours weekly.
  • Engage in a dynamic seasonal work experience within a fast-paced and fulfilling environment.
  • Benefit from inclusive basic security clearance.
  • Unlock avenues for your professional advancement and personal growth within this company organization.

Job Responsibilities:

The housekeepers are responsible for work. The responsibility has been the following:

  • Addressing customer needs promptly while maintaining a meticulous environment.
  • Performing an array of tasks, from refreshing windows and walls to vacuuming carpets and upholstery.
  • Efficiently managing linen closets and inventory to ensure seamless operations.
  • Tracking and reporting lost and found items with utmost diligence.
  • Dusting furnishings and sanitizing diverse spaces, including operating rooms.
  • Delivering clean towels and toiletries promptly in response to guest requests.
  • Anticipating and fulfilling guests’ needs for extra supplies or special items.
  • Creating a pristine atmosphere by making beds and changing sheets regularly.
  • Ensuring elevators are spotless, while also maintaining impeccable floors through sweeping, mopping, and polishing.
  • Revitalizing kitchen and bathroom spaces with thorough cleaning, disinfection, and fixture polishing.

How to Apply?

Exciting Housekeeper Opportunity! If you’re ready to join this company team, please submit your CV and required documents through this company’s official company website. Or Click the below button and apply for this job.

Apply now

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