Canada House Cleaner Jobs With Visa Sponsorship 2023 2024 Apply Online

Canada House Cleaner Jobs With Visa Sponsorship 2023 2024 Apply Online

Hello friends! Explore the opportunity to become a vital part of NL Vacation Properties in St. John’s! They are on the lookout for a committed individual with an eye for detail to join them as a full-time House Cleaner. If you thrive on creating and maintaining a spotless and inviting atmosphere, this role could be your ideal match. Join them in crafting memorable experiences through cleanliness and dedication.

Job Description:

As a Home Care Specialist with NL Retreat Homes, your main task involves ensuring the pristine upkeep of a secluded residence in the heart of St. John’s. Enjoy the freedom to tailor your work hours, making this position perfect for those who crave a versatile schedule.

Job Details:

Firm NL Getaways Hub
Area St. John’s, NL
Position Style All-In
Weekly Routine Monday through Friday
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Job Position:

Domestic Harmony Specialist: Transforming living spaces into sanctuaries of cleanliness and order, this company’s dedicated team of Domestic Harmony Specialists takes pride in providing impeccable house cleaning services. With a commitment to excellence, they ensure every nook and cranny is grime-free, creating an environment that radiates comfort and tranquility.

Trust us to breathe new life into your home, leaving you with the gift of a pristine and serene haven. Experience the difference with this company’s unique approach to house cleaning, where simplicity meets perfection.

Job Qualification:

  • To qualify for this role, applicants must showcase a meticulous Attention to Detail, demonstrating a commitment to upholding elevated cleanliness standards.
  • Reliability is paramount, with a strong emphasis on consistent attendance and punctuality to ensure the smooth execution of responsibilities.
  • Physical Stamina is a key requirement, as the position involves engaging in various physical tasks associated with house cleaning.
  • they value individuals who embody these qualities, contributing to a team dedicated to maintaining pristine environments.

Job Responsibilities:

As the House Caretaker for NL Vacation Retreats, your primary duties encompass the daily upkeep of a personal residence, ensuring a pristine and organized environment. Your role involves not only cleaning but also maintaining a sense of order in specified spaces. Adherence to established cleaning protocols and standards is crucial, guaranteeing that the highest levels of cleanliness are consistently achieved.

Your contribution plays a vital part in creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for this company’s guests, making their vacation experience truly exceptional.

Job Requirments:

Candidates should possess a solid background in household upkeep, showcasing their proficiency in house cleaning. The role demands a knack for independent and effective work, ensuring tasks are completed with diligence. Effective communication skills are crucial, rounding out the essential qualities they seek in potential team members.

Job Duties:

In the role of a Home Care Specialist, your responsibilities encompass creating a welcoming and pristine living environment. This involves skillfully vacuuming and mopping various floor surfaces, ensuring every nook and cranny is free of dust and grime. Your adept touch will extend to the careful polishing of furniture, leaving a gleaming, refreshed look throughout the home. Diligently, you’ll tackle the crucial task of sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, and prioritizing cleanliness and hygiene.

Finally, your attention to detail will shine as you change bed linens and expertly make beds, completing the circle of care that transforms houses into harmonious and cozy havens.

Job Benefits:

At NL Vacation Properties, this company  House Cleaners relish the perks of a personalized work calendar from Monday to Friday, providing them the freedom to balance life and work seamlessly. As for remuneration, they ensure a competitive salary, with comprehensive details shared transparently throughout the application process.

How to apply:

Prospective applicants are encouraged to set up an official account prior to visiting the NL Vacation Properties website for application. Keep your profile current with your job preferences.

Seize the chance to play a key role in maintaining a pristine and welcoming atmosphere for NL Vacation Properties’ customers. Take action now and join the team committed to upholding top-notch cleanliness and hospitality standards.

Apply Now!

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  1. Hi respected sir how are you fine well sir iam interested house cleaning job please sponsor to come for job sir I have English language certificate and have douploma i can speak English language very well sir so iam waiting of your email

  2. Hi respected sir iam interested in cleaning job so please sponsor me to come there for work I have English language certificate and have douploma


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