Busted at the Border: Fake Visa and Smuggling Attempt Thwarted in Pakistan

Busted at the Border: Fake Visa and Smuggling Attempt Thwarted in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan – April 24, 2024, The illegal activity blow Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) apprehended a passenger attempting to travel to Italy on a fake visa and uncovered with smuggling operation at the the New Islamabad International Airport.

Passenger Denied Entry with Fake Documents

The first incident involved Sajid Abbasi, a resident of Mandi Bahauddin, who arrived at the airport for a flight to Italy. During immigration checks, officials identified Abbasi’s Italian resident card as fraudulent. He was promptly offloaded from the flight and handed over to the Anti-Human Trafficking circle for further investigation. Initial questioning revealed Abbasi obtained the fake visa through an agent, highlighting the dangers of relying on unauthorized channels for travel documents.

Smugglers Caught with High-End Electronics

In a separate operation, of the FIA officer inspected the luggage of Mohammad Suleman and Mohammad Abid, who arrived from Dubai. Throughout the search which is uncovered the hidden compartment contained a significant amount of undeclared electronics, Including five iPhone 15 Pro Max Models Three iPhone 13s, three Samsung Galaxy S24s, and eight laptops – all estimated to be worth a staggering Rs. 7 million (approximately USD 33,000). Pakistan Most Famous City Karachi-based passengers were unable to explain the origin or purpose of the undeclared items during questioning, raising red flags about their frequent travels. The FIA subsequently transferred them to Customs authorities for further legal proceedings.

Unique Insights: Rising Trend of Travel Document Fraud and Evolving Smuggling Techniques

This incident underscores the growing problem of travel document fraud. Easy access to technology and the allure of bypassing legitimate immigration processes can tempt individuals to seek illegal shortcuts. However, getting caught using fake documents can have serious consequences, including denied entry, fines, and even imprisonment.

The smuggling operation also highlights the evolving tactics employed by criminals. This case involved concealing high-value electronics within luggage, demonstrating the need for continued vigilance by airport security personnel.

Staying Informed and Traveling Safely

They advised travelers to be cautious when obtaining travel documents and visas. Always rely on the official government channel or authorized agents to ensure the authenticity of your paperwork.


What happened at the New Islamabad International Airport?

Pakistani authorities apprehended a passenger trying to travel to Italy with a fake visa and uncovered a smuggling operation involving high-end electronics.

How did they catch the passenger with the fake visa?

Immigration officials identified Sajid Abbasi’s Italian resident card as fraudulent during routine checks.

What dangers are there in using unauthorized channels for travel documents?

Using fake documents can lead to denied entry, fines, and even imprisonment.

What did the smugglers try to bring into Pakistan?

Mohammad Suleman and Mohammad Abid attempted to smuggle undeclared electronics worth Rs. 7 million (around USD 33,000), including iPhones, Samsung, and laptops.

How did the smugglers hide the electronics?

The electronics were concealed within a hidden compartment in their luggage.

What advice is given to travelers?

Travelers should always rely on official channels or authorized agents to obtain travel documents and visas.

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