4,000+ Jobs in Calgary, Canada with Visa Sponsorship

4,000+ Jobs in Calgary, Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Welcome to Pkalert.com, your gateway to seizing exciting job opportunities in Canada with VISA sponsorship. If you’ve set your sights on fostering collaboration and personal growth, then considering the vibrant city of Calgary is a wise move. Within these roles, individuals play a pivotal role in orchestrating crucial events, from delivering essential services to managing vital programs and upkeeping community facilities.

You can be diverse in your workforce, This company is dedicated to the fundamental values such as equality diversity, anti-racism, and rectitude that are the core of this organization. In this Job, you should be required the any assistance throughout the hiring process. In this article, you will be provided with the all information about it. After that, you will be able to get this job easily.

Jobs detail For 4,000+ Jobs in Calgary, Canada with Visa Sponsorship


Company: City of Calgary
Location: 655R 25 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Job Type: Full-time
Salary Range: $33.33–$44.60 per hour
Shift: Standard 35-hour work week, with 1 day off in a 3-week cycle
Application Deadline: September 19, 2023
Job ID: 308349
Visa Sponsor Yes
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Jobs role information:

In the position of Administrative Assistant, you’ll be a vital part of the team supporting the Fleet & Inventory Director and their management crew in reaching their business targets, projects, and main tasks. Your duties will cover a broad spectrum of administrative tasks, like making reports, planning, setting schedules, arranging, and aiding in communications.

Administrative/Business Services:

  • Training Officer (Closing Date: 2023/09/19)
  • Team Leader, Subdivision Inspections (Closing Date: 2023/09/22)
  • Project Manager, Policy (Closing Date: 2023/09/18)
  • Legislative Advisor (Closing Date: 2023/09/22)
  • Facility Asset Management Analyst (Closing Date: 2023/09/19)
  • 911 Emergency Communications Coordinator (Closing Date: 2023/09/27)
  • Senior Innovation Designer (Closing Date: 2023/09/25)
  • Contract Management Specialist (Closing Date: 2023/10/03)
  • Program Planner (Closing Date: 2023/10/04)
  • Calgary Police Service – Information Management Architect (Closing Date: 2023/09/27)
  • Administrative Assistant (Closing Date: 2023/09/19)
  • Senior Leader, Traffic Engineering (Closing Date: 2023/09/18)
  • Corporate Research Analyst (Closing Date: 2023/09/27)
  • Facility Specialist – Building Systems (Closing Date: 2023/09/22)
  • Recreation Service Delivery Workforce Coordinator (Closing Date: 2023/10/03)
  • Team Lead, Information Management (Closing Date: 2023/09/28)
  • Data Analyst (Closing Date: 2023/09/27)
  • Scheduling Coordinator (Closing Date: 2023/09/20)
  • Business Support Administrator (Closing Date: 2023/09/21)
  • Program Management Systems Manager (Closing Date: 2023/09/18)
  • Project Controls Analyst – AMENDMENT (Closing Date: 2023/09/20)
  • Operations and Maintenance Planner (Closing Date: 2023/09/22)
  • Senior Policy Advisor (Closing Date: 2023/10/03)
  • Data Specialist (Closing Date: 2023/09/20)
  • Accounting Research Analyst (Closing Date: 2023/09/18)
  • Planning Services Technician 2 (Closing Date: 2023/09/22)


  • Calgary Police Service – Communication Specialist (Closing Date: 2023/09/26)
  • Customer Service & Communications Team Supervisor – AMENDMENT (Closing Date: 2023/09/25)

Engineering Services:

  • Pavement and Materials Engineer (Closing Date: 2023/09/26)
  • Planning Engineer (Closing Date: 2023/09/18)
  • Leader, Water Treatment Capital Maintenance (Closing Date: 2023/09/26)
  • Senior Transportation Engineer, Transit Systems (Closing Date: 2023/09/28)
  • Planning Engineer, River Engineering (Closing Date: 2023/09/27)
  • Engineering Business Strategist – AMENDMENT (Closing Date: 2023/09/20)


  • General Manager, Planning and Development Services (Closing Date: 2023/10/13)


  • Finance Coordinator (Closing Date: 2023/09/29)
  • TCA Capital Accountant (Closing Date: 2023/09/20)

Human Resources:

  • Leader – Human Resources, Corporate Learning and Development (Closing Date: 2023/09/26)
  • HR Consultant – Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (Closing Date: 2023/10/09)
  • Human Resources Consultant, Organizational Development (Closing Date: 2023/09/20)
  • Calgary Police Service – Curriculum Designer (Closing Date: 2023/09/27)
  • Human Resources Business Partner – Investigations (Closing Date: 2023/09/18)

Information Technology:

  • Visualization Data Strategist (Closing Date: 2023/09/25)
  • IT Project Manager (Closing Date: 2023/09/28)
  • IT Application Analyst (Closing Date: 2023/09/19)
  • PeopleSoft Senior Technical Analyst (Closing Date: 2023/09/25)
  • IT Senior Systems Analyst (Closing Date: 2023/09/26)
  • Application Analyst (Closing Date: 2023/09/22)


  • Coordinator, Court & CPIC (Closing Date: 2023/10/03)
  • Contract Administrator (Closing Date: 2023/09/20)

Leisure Services:

  • Gymnastics/Trampoline Instructor, On-Call (Closing Date: 2023/10/16)
  • Rock Climbing Instructor – Non-Certified and Certified (Closing Date: 2023/11/23)
  • Recreation Programmer (Closing Date: 2023/10/16)
  • Recreation Leader (Closing Date: 2023/10/09)
  • Recreation Labourer (Closing Date: 2023/10/31)
  • Complex Coordinator – AMENDMENT (Closing Date: 2023/09/18)

Responsibilities information:

  • Admin support for the Director and team.
  • Compile Operational reports, and provide feedback.
  • Manage the Director’s calendar, and schedule meetings.
  • Maintain vacation schedules for coverage.
  • Coordinate meeting logistics, and prepare materials.
  • Record action items, and staff feedback.
  • Organize staff events, site visits, and seminars.
  • Record safety data in SDMS.
  • Establish admin procedures and standards.
  • Monitor the unit’s involvement in programs.
  • Prepare recruitment docs and schedule interviews.
  • Document project updates, and track deadlines.
  • Submit award entries.
  • Generate reports on various metrics.
  • Procure supplies, and arrange catering.
  • Coordinate features in publications.
  • Register employees for training, and handle travel.

Qualification Information:

  • Certificate in Business/Administration + 5 years experience
  • OR
  • Diploma in Business/Administration + 3 years experience
  • Degree or operational experience a plus
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

Strategic thinking and political acumen

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Excellent organization and planning
  • Relationship-building skills

Pre-employment requirement:

Security clearance check required.
Skills testing for applicants.
Proof of qualifications is mandatory.

Union and Business Unit Details:

Union: CUPE Local 38
Business Unit: Fleet & Inventory

Visa Information:

  • Work Permits: Obtain the necessary work permit to legally work in Canada, either an open permit for any employer or an employer-specific permit tied to a specific job.
  • Express Entry System: Explore this points-based system for skilled workers aiming to become permanent residents of Canada.
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP): Allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers when qualified Canadians or permanent residents aren’t available.
  • International Experience Canada (IEC): Provides young individuals (typically 18-35) from select countries the opportunity to work and travel in Canada for up to two years.
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP): Certain provinces in Canada have their own immigration programs to nominate individuals for permanent residence based on skills, education, and work experience.
  • Spousal Work Permit: Eligible if you have a spouse or common-law partner working or studying in Canada, granting you an open work permit.

Eligible Countries for Working Holiday Visas in Canada:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Slovenia
  • Ukraine
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Peru

How to Apply?

  • Create an Indeed account to apply.
  • Visit the City of Calgary’s careers page for more information and to submit your application.
  • Be part of making Calgary an excellent place for both work and life.
  • OR
  • You can send your resume by searching on there https://www.calgary.ca/careers.html

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