Discover temporary work visas for 2024 in Work in the USA This Year! Fulfill your dream of working in the USA. Explore visa options here.

The H-1B visa permits skilled workers to work in specialty occupations for a specific employer in the USA for up to 3 years, extendable.

Are you an agricultural worker? Consider the H-2A visa for seasonal work in the USA, allowing up to 10 months. Employers must show local labor shortage.

Consider H-2B visa for non-agricultural temporary work like landscaping or hospitality. It permits 10-month USA work with extension.

F-1 visa: Work part-time on-campus during school, full-time on breaks. Post-graduation, apply for OPT to work in your field.

J-1 visa: Cultural exchange in USA. Work, study, experience American culture. Categories: au pair, camp counselor, summer work travel.