Navigating Netherlands spouse visa for reunification with loved ones involves understanding prerequisites, application steps, and common inquiries.

Netherlands Spouse Visa

Netherlands spouse visa fee: €174. Stay updated on fee changes through the official Dutch immigration website.

Visa Application Fee

Prepare thoroughly for the Netherlands spouse visa interview, ensuring all documents are ready, for a smooth process at the embassy or consulate, in person or via video call.

Interview Process

Valid passports, Dutch partner's ID, marriage cert, proof of cohabitation (e.g., lease, bank account).

Netherlands Spouse Visa Requirements

Dutch partner needs stable, sufficient income per Dutch minimum requirements. Sponsor guarantee option available from a third party to cover financial costs.

Financial Requirements

Lease agreement or landlord's letter. Health insurance meeting Dutch standards. Can be through the Dutch partner's insurance or a separate policy.

Accommodation and Insurance

Dutch embassy: Biometric data submission (fingerprint and photo). Home country: Tuberculosis (TB) test and possible medical examination.

Biometric Data and Health Check